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Dylan Thomas[Dylan_Thomas]

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Oraş de reşedinţă: Swansea, Wales
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Biografie Dylan Thomas

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A process in the weather of the heart :
Poezie 2006-08-20 (5469 afişări)

A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London :
Poezie 2006-05-18 (10536 afişări)

Această pâine ce’o rup :
Poezie 2005-10-25 (12169 afişări)

All All and All the Dry Worlds Lever :
Poezie 2006-08-20 (5083 afişări)

And Death Shall Have No Dominion :
Poezie 2003-11-05 (10153 afişări)

Before I Knocked :
Poezie 2004-07-01 (5633 afişări)

Clown in the Moon :
Poezie 2006-08-20 (6299 afişări)

Deaths and Entrances :
Poezie 2005-10-25 (6746 afişări)

Do not go gentle into that good night :
Poezie 2003-11-08 (8743 afişări)

Dragoste într-un ospiciu :
Poezie 2006-03-29 (7314 afişări)

Fern Hill :
Poezie 2005-05-25 (7760 afişări)

From Love's First Fever to Her Plague :
Poezie 2006-08-19 (5278 afişări)

In my craft or sullen art :
Poezie 2006-03-04 (5352 afişări)

La forza che nella verde miccia spinge il fiore :
Poezie 2009-01-19 (9101 afişări)

La nunta unei fecioare :
Poezie 2015-12-10 (2342 afişări)

Light breaks where no sun shines :
Poezie 2005-06-29 (5263 afişări)

Love in the Asylum :
Poezie 2006-02-12 (6875 afişări)

Mi’am visat nașterea :
Poezie 2005-11-12 (9729 afişări)

My Hero Bares His Nerves :
Poezie 2005-10-10 (5177 afişări)

Now :
Poezie 2006-09-03 (7524 afişări)

Poem In October :
Poezie 2006-02-12 (7277 afişări)

Qui in primavera :
Poezie 2005-07-07 (5891 afişări)

The force that through the green fuse drives the flower :
Poezie 2005-10-25 (6585 afişări)

Then was my Neophyte :
Poezie 2006-08-20 (5243 afişări)

Where Once the Waters of your Face :
Poezie 2006-08-20 (5183 afişări)

Pagina: 1

Biografie Dylan Thomas

Dylan Marlais Thomas was born on October 27, 1914 in Swansea, Glamorganshire (Wales). He was educated at Swansea Grammar School and became well-known for his obscure poetry and amusing plays and prose. Before the publishing of Thomas' first book in 1934, he worked as a reporter for The South Wales Daily Post, in Swansea, (1931-1932) and as a free-lance writer from 1933.

"18 Poems", Thomas' first book, was published as the result of a prize. Thomas was only 19 when this volume of poetry was released. He wrote nearly 30 poems in late 1933 and early 1934, of which 13 were published in this volume. Between May and October 1934, he completed another five for inclusion in the book. The Thomas' poems first appeared in the Sunday Referee in 1933 in a feature column called the "Poets' Corner," edited by Victor Neuburg and Runia Sheila MacLeod. Neuburg began to award prizes to poets whose work was judged to be the finest printed in the column over a period of six months. The prize was that the Sunday Referee would publish the winning poet's work in book form. Dylan Thomas became the second recipient of the prize, which he won for the second of seven poems he published in "Poets' Corner," the poem, "The Force that through the Grass Fuse Drives the Flower." The editors had some difficulty getting Thomas' manuscript accepted by a publisher, until David Archer of the Parton Bookshop agree d to have the book printed. Five hundred copies were printed, but only 250 were bound and issued in December 1934. The remaining half, constituting the second issue, were bound and put on sale on February 21, 1936. It was praised by few because it was so obscure.

He followed "18 Poems" with "25 Poems" in 1936. He lived his life in poverty in England and Wales, while married to Caitlin Macnamara (they were wed in 1937). They had two sons and one daughter. Then he began to concentrate on prose, with such works as "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog", "Adventures in the Skin Trade", and "Quite Early One Morning". He had wanted to serve in World War II, but was rejected so during the war, he worked with a documentary film unit. He also published many short stories, wrote film scripts, broadcast stories and talks, did a series of lecture tours in the United States and wrote "Under Milkwood", the radio play for voices. In 1949, he began frequent visits to the US, touring colleges to read poetry. He was also the recipient of the Foyle Prize in 1953.

During his fourth lecture tour of the United States in 1953, after a long period of depression and drinking and a few days after his 39th birthday, he collapsed in his New York hotel and died on November 9th at St Vincents Hospital. He is said to have died from alcoholic poisoning. His body was sent back to Laugharne, Wales, where his grave is marked by a simple wooden cross. In July 1994 his wife, Caitlin died in Italy, where she had spent most of the years of her life after the death of Thomas. Her body is buried next to his.

Thomas was a man with a Keatsian style and manner, being both energetic and vivid when it came to his imagery. He was Welsh and his voice brought many to enjoy poetry through his readings, he also used words not just for the denotation or connotation meaning, but also for the sound of the word and the meaning that sound creates. The key to Dylan Thomas is reading him aloud, slowly, hitting every vowel and consonant, and worrying about what it all means later.

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