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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry



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The sleep from the room of mr. Gill\'s lover
poezie [ ]
by Matei Ghigiu

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
de [irina ]

2004-07-17  | [Acest text ar trebui citit în english]  

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the airiness between our hands that remain above the rains
the coral dress you wore on the day of the sub aquatic breakfast
your lover in chains like another kind of flesh covering the bones
now when the watches marry each other and knit their hands on the roundness of the deserted hour
now is the time of the stone that's dripping words
and that tramcar covered in armour
we know this is just Mr. Gill traveling incognito
in his search

of the Abyss

this stillness where one can see only the traces of endless rhythms
long ago all things had the name of some leaves
of some trees
of some other_things

things came naturally then and landed on top of dreams
we wore transparent chains round the ankle of our eyebrows
we kissed with our fingertips on an unnamed street
the houses were somewhat strange, had doors instead of windows and stairs grew on the roof
at the entrance a pair of wings with usage instructions
we knew then that there was no such thing as flying technique as there wasn't a technique for love

in the shop across the street mister Gill's lover was silent

far away even, in the things' dis_tance now usual
we heard the tolerant noise of the steam engine
we became serene with this return this strange closeness with an almost forgotten sound
on the table the coffee mugs sitting there till our last silence
on the window a trace of your kiss arrived with the wind
mister Gill's linen shirt breathing soundly on the edge of the horizon
the profound white orange lover, the uncolored juicy gray lover
and so on

above the hours an earth's bird
imitates us

there was a strange rush words got rid of their skin my lover caught my eye
dressed as she was in the skin of a reptile I used to know from childhood
ay, the abundance of breaths turned into rains the smell of linen of The Tallest Woman
the laziness with which we let ourselves be trapped by the other mood
on the streets paved with wrinkles mister Gill's lover stepped thus approving the search
we fed ourselves with marine creatures using gestures sifted through an admirable sieve of oblivion
we even had borrowed names and we called each other whispering
always whispering
so we don't hurt the butterflies' sleep

when they were finished we shut up our eyelids dropped in the ashes
another shape of the dream covered the love line and stung the silence with her eyelashes
such strange closeness we discovered as we were sitting down on the cool edge of the glass fountain
a gentleman with a memorable pipe sneezed bless you and many others
we're healthy thanks and the goldilocks of my lover are expanding on several streets
soon they will go downtown
there will be a ceremony on ice-skates and admirable young women dressed in fish scales
mister Gill's lover signals from the middle of things
there she learned to seek shelter when things go wrong.

and as we stood with our eyes wrapped in ashes
we witnessed the passing of cohorts of giraffes through the air hungry for birds
I'm looking for your shadow she's my sister my lover whispered with her breasts glued to the glass of darkness
soon a silence was going on and the rains stopped pouring
we wondered on the streets of the beginning like elderly giants
mister Gill was writing us from the town Ics on a piece of linen
just tell my lover I am sleeping I am surrounded by casual beings
because there's not at all fall here and as for the rest whatever you like

be_side the beginning
the enchanting fills the void

the night is sure to come two times a day

.  |

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