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Poezii Românesti - Romanian Poetry



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de [baiat negru ]

2005-01-14  |     | 

growing roots on the pc sometimes helps
like also letting dust settle on school book shelfs
like also rock in the club as the cigarette melts
it never ends...

dreamin' all day to be somebody else
to have money and cars, and live some place else
to be able to care when nobody else cares
never ends...

and he scares, and he holds tears he can't cry inside
they subside and they grow into holes on his pride
he gets down then go up, can't go middle or stop
no one helps...

time to time he visits school, it's always the same
What's his road? what's his name?
they all ask, they've no shame
for the man that they chase
for his happyness days
they're so little,why can't they last?

his girlfriend thinks he doesn't care anymore
and she tells him to go, adding up some more sore
he goes on, he goes on, he goes on...

and when all of that seems so much more than enough
he goes blaming himself that he's such a laugh
and he cryes 'till someone hears and he cough
to mislead them to thinking that he's more than rough
it's all a bad dream...

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poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii
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