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Poezii Românesti - Romanian Poetry



Toma George Maiorescu[Toma_George_Maiorescu]


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Poezie 2002-07-27 (4196 afișări)

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Pagina: 1

Biografie Toma George Maiorescu

Given Names: TOMA GEORGE
Date of Birth: December 8, 1928
Married on: July 15, 1955
Number of Children: 1, Daughter - Daniela Wanda

Education: Graduate, Faculty of Letters and Philosophy University of Bucharest, Graduate, Literaturni Institut, Moscow, Doctor in Humane Letters, Doctor Honoris Causa.

Career to Date: 1954-1971 Editor "Contemporanul" Magazine; 1971-1982 Deputy Editor-in-Chief "Romania Pitoreasca" Magazine; 1990-Present Director of "ECO" Magazine, "Ecosophia", President of the Romanian Ecological Movement; President of The European Foundation for Ecological Education and Culture.

Memberships: Active member of the "New York Academy of Sciences"; Member of the "Academie Internationale du Tourisme" (Monaco); Honor member of the Academy of Ecology (Romania).

PROSE: A Trip Through Time, 1956; The Place where Cosmonauts Return, 1962; Barefoot Gods, 1966; A Dialogue with the Century, Volume I 1967, Volume II 1972; 0,17 Operation,1972; Wandering About the Meridians, 1976; Journal of the Passion, 1975; A Romantic Invitation, 1983; Good Night, Sagittarius!, 1989
POEMS: Contemporary Rhythms, 1960; Daniela's Eyes, 1963; Steps Upon Waters, 1966; Crucified Time, 1969; The Killer and the Flower, 1970; The Island with Mauve Orchids, 1973; The Blue Rider, 1975; An Autumnal Equinox, 1977; The Girls in the Square of the End, 1980; Alone with Angel, 1982; Break Between Words, 1984; Poems, 1985.

Since 1990, Toma George Maiorescu has published the following books and has had his works translated in over 20 languages. Strategy and Survival, Essays, 1992; Poems/Poemes, Bilingual Definitive Edition, 1997; Prose, Definitive Edition, 1998; Introduction Into Ecosophy, 2000; Ecosophy (A Course), 2001; The Taming of the Beast Inside Man or the Ecosophy, 2001-2002 (in three successive and ADDITIONED editions); Under 50 Stars (Poems), 2001; Talking Sunset, Definitive Edition, 2002; Five Board Diaries and the Thorn Crown, Definitive Edition, 2003.

Activities performed since 1990:
. Member of the Executive Bureau of the Provisional Council of National Unity (the main institution of the Romanian Revolutoin)

. President and Founder of the Ecological Movement in Romania
. Head of the Chair of Ecosophy at the Ecological University in Bucharest
. Director of the Magazines ECO, ECOMAGAZIN and ECOSOPHIA
. Counselor in the National Council of the Audiovisual
. President of the European Foundation for Ecological Education and Culture
. Member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences (WAAS)

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